Accomplished pianist’s start-up Play At Work strikes home with music lessons for busy tech workers

Accomplished pianist’s start-up Play At Work strikes home with music lessons for busy tech workers

Lena Begun is an accomplished pianist who founded Play At Operate in2013 (Igor Khodzinskiy Image)

Lena Begun has been playing music since the age of 5. She went to a school for talented children in Moscow and ultimately got a masters degree from the Russian Academy of Music. The accomplished pianist is now bringing her present to tech workers in the Seattle location who take a break at work for Play A t Work, a music lessons business started by Begun.

Begun has worked with taping groups for the globally renowned Russian National Chamber orchestra and Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. She concerned the United States in 2000 and eventually launched Play At Operate in 2013.

” I pertained to Seattle as a single mom with my child, and basically went back to square one,” Begun stated. “It’s a success story for me and I’m very pleased with it.”

The impetus for Play At Work was rooted in Begun’s desire to invest more time with her child in the evening. All of her personal music lessons were happening at night, and Begun was looking for a way to preserve that career, but to do it during typical working hours.

” This sort of work-life balance that we promote at the work environment? I began with myself,” she stated. “I simply wanted to have the very same balance for my own life.”

Plat At Work provides lessons in a range of instruments. (Igor Khodzinskiy Image)

Dip into Work offers individually direction in the work environment, and expenses it as an advantage to the staff member, who can take a break from work to find out or review an instrument. The company gets to allow a perk that is said to enhance state of mind and performance– much like massages, fitness classes, free food, and others advantages frequently provided by tech companies.

Begun begun by providing piano lessons by herself at Google in Seattle, and her company grew to a waiting list of 40 potential students. She caused other trainers teaching other instruments, consisting of choir, and now in between Google and Facebook, Play At Work teaches about 100 trainees.

It’s an advantage for people who otherwise would not have the ability to discover the time to take music lessons, specifically if they have kids or other commitments that mean they need to be best home after work.

Pankaj Kakkar is a software application engineer at Google and he’s been taking piano lessons for about 5 years. He has a background in Indian symphonic music, vocals as well as harmonium. He tinkered with the piano a bit prior to starting official lessons with Play At Work.

” I do weekly lessons, though work duties often indicate I need to miss,” stated Kakkar, who takes his lesson in a dedicated room with heavy soundproofing at Google’s Kirkland workplaces. “Lena is really patient and adapts her style to fit the trainee’s preferences and level. She also picks music that adapts based on those two things, that makes the lessons tractable and really satisfying.”

Apart from the accomplishment of getting gradually better at playing the piano, Kakkar said that every lesson leaves him mentally refreshed.

” Playing and learning the piano is a meditative experience for me,” he stated. “It de-stresses me and helps me sleep better, code better, feel better.”

Laurie Betts Hughes is the creative director for Play At Work’s business choirs. (Igor Khodzinskiy Picture)

Begun is at Google every day, and the Play At Work site reveals 7 other trainers, who mostly visit when a week. Students range from newbie to rather accomplished, Begun stated, and rates are $45 for a half-hour lesson. While she’s already teaching at two tech giants, and has tried to get in the door at Amazon, Begun said the work environments do not have to be high-tech.

At Facebook, Marianne Giesemann has been an item designer on the News Feed group for a bit over a year and a half. She had no prior experience playing music, aside from a little singing for which she had no formal training, however she’s been taking ukulele lessons through Play At Work for nearly a year.

” I saw some posters at work and I thought it was an actually cool perk,” said Giesemann, who fulfills with guitar trainer Chris Gibson as soon as a week in a soundproofed music room.

Giesemann is already able to play 2 types of ukuleles and now she’s beginning with guitar. She confesses she has a long way to go technically, but the experience has been fantastic.

” It’s actually incredible to take a break and do something completely various than work,” Giesemann stated. “To have enjoyable and discover something new, something creative. It actually makes me excited to go to work whenever I have a class that day.”

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